Fashion Forward Sunn O)))

Death by Party | Lookin’ good is as important as sounding good

Rock n’ Roll and fashion have always been intertwined. I firmly believe that a band that looks good, feels good. And if they feel good, they’ll sound good. You need to look snappy and you need to be comfortable when you are under the hot spotlights of the stage and that’s not an easy task. Music pioneers like Jay Z and Twisted Sister have blurred the lines between fashion and music so much that their concerts literally function as a runway shows.  Sun O))) seems to be taking note and hopping on the sexy music modeling scene. The black hooded cowls say, I’m comfortable and informal, while still distilling a sense of ritual and tradition.

The dark gods of the abyss have always been fashion forward, Satan has always been far more stylish than Jesus or Zesus. So Sun O))) already has a leg up on “happy bands” like Dr. Dre or Gorgoroth.

-Annette Garcia

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  1. Nobody says:

    Sunn O))) is so good my ears bleed with joy.

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