Soul Train Express Straight To Hell

Don Cornelius dead from huffing glue

Death by Party | Don Cornelius: Another victim of inhalant abuse died last week


It’s been a really rough week for me after hearing the news that Don Cornelius had died. What was more shocking knowing how he died. I found out about his death on my cousin, Zachariah Jawn Jawn’s blog. According to Zachariah, Don Cornelius died after a massive inhalant binge of airplane glue and paint solvent. Zachariah’s source was his roommate’s girlfriend, Eli. Eli used to date one of the contributors for Brooklyn Vegan who knows a dude that was at the death scene and tweeted about it.

I read about all of this and was pretty pissed at Zachariah Jawn Jawn because it doesn’t matter who the source was. I don’t have a lot of time in my day to be reading about “sources.” The important thing isn’t knowing who wrote it, the important thing is that it was written.  Don Cornelius was an important innovator and inventor who created some of the most important house hold items used today, including the toaster, the shovel and the match stick.  He was also a beautiful man who loved to dance.

I was kinda ho hum about this whole anti-huffing educational public service thing, but having a major political figure die from it just days before the event really drives home the importance to educate the public about better alternative’s to getting high on fumes from industrial toxic chemicals.

I researched the whole issue on Wikipedia and discovered some shocking facts.

-Huffing Airplane Glue was introduced to Explorers by Amazonian natives who used it in their Satanic black magic. However they used to pour the glue on banana leaves instead of into socks. (socks weren’t invented yet)

-Inhalant use is a major epidemic with our nation’s elderly. Nearly 80% of Senior Citizen’s regularly sniff airplane glue, gasoline or some other form of inhalant as a social activity,

-At least 75% percent of all inhalant users are violent career criminals.

With facts like these, it really is time to get into the community and start educating people. Can we really afford to loose another Don Cornelius?

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-Gene Hollyweather

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