Hodgy Beats… Will You Marry Me?

Hodgy Beats

Death by Party | Pretty boy

It’s with trembling hand, parched lips and aching breast that I carnally compose this composition to you my lovely Hodgy. These gruntings are no more than squeals of anguish. But hear them, hear them my impassioned cupcake. Your lovely golden locks shine like the blingiest bling. Your lyrical flow blossoms lovely as the dankest thai weed in the purest days of spring. My heart follows you and leaps like jungle cat the whisper of your name, Hodgy Beats.

Please be my wife.

I have loved you always, even before your days in the hip hop collective OFWGKTA as the part MellowHype, when you called yourself Beyonce. When you recently offered your latest EP for free online, I knew this was a secret message to me.

Whatever enters me is meant to be, I am what I eat
Brocoli pasta, rotisserie, dark meat
Smoke weed till I feel my heart beat
Drink like a alchohlicly close fit from out the closet

My frolicsome flaxon haired beauty. There is no use pretending this thing between us will go away. Be open with me, as I am with you. I want you. And I’m going to have you. No cocaine sniffing centaurs will get in my way.


-Marcus Aubrey

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  1. jamesK says:

    Wolf Gang FOREVER

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