No Cat’s Died While Making This Music

Yoko Ono And The Dying Cat Band

Today is Yoko Ono’s birthday and we here at Death by Party want to take a moment to celebrate this timeless front man for the Plastic Ono Band.  The singer song writer has touched the hearts and minds of five generations of music & poetry fans with her crazed drunken bar gigs that often end in bukkake right there on stage.

I actually had the honor of meeting Yoko at a wine & cheese smack down at MOMA a few years back. She walked up and asked me very discretely if I had a tampon. I slipped her one. She unwrapped it. She threw the wrapper on the ground. Then she taped the tampon onto the nose of her glasses and began screaming “Mother Earth I am your heir” over and over again. At first I didn’t know what what happening and as I was pulling back to hit her with my wine glass to make he be quiet, a crowd formed around her and began cheering and applauding.  Then it hit me. This is some art going on.

That same tampon is hanging in MOMA now.

To celebrate her birthday, I want to share one of my favorite poems from  this amazing muse.

Why The Sad Grandma Eats Coco Fruit With The Monkey Bird
A cat as black
As blackest coal
Is out upon
His midnight stroll,
His steps are soft,
His walk is slow,
His eyes are gold,
They flash and glow.
And so I run
And so I duck,
I do not need
His black-cat luck.

Happy Birthday Yoko!

-Annette Garcia



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