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Epic Presidents Art By Jason Heuser

Death by Party | Epic Presidents Series By Jason Heuser

This year is an election year and with the way the media and politicians bend facts and truth, “reality” should be a little more entertaining this year. So if we are going to be re-writing history, lets take it up an notch and do it with style and imagination.

The state of the country doesn’t have to be so depressing if you immerse yourself into the Swellco & Swellco reality cleansing, and I think artist Jason Heuser has.

Heuser understands that political history doesn’t have to be boring, if you are willing to re-conceptualize a few things here and there and makes the sad old statesmen of the past just a little more exciting.

Regan riding a Velociraptor? Hell yeah, Kennedy riding a robotic unicorn on the moon? Yup, that’s how I would remember it if I had been around. God Bless America, each and all.

-Baron von Crumpstink

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