Adorable Death Bringer

Don P Customs, Kid Robot

Death by Party | Don P Custom Dunny Series

A few months ago my apartment was broken into and my prized Melvin’s  toy was stolen. I’ve mourned his passing for quite some time and swore I would never buy another one, but the urge to not only replace him but to begin full on collecting has become a serious thought rattling around inside my skull.

“Customs” are always expensive and while you actually CAN buy them on the internet, it’s really fucking hard to get a hold of before they sell out. A few years back I got my hands on a couple of unpainted ones and tried my hand at it. But honestly, I am no artist. Some of my classic creations include the “Smeared With Mud and Shit” dunny. The “That Looks Like Crap” custom and my personal favorite  the “Three Year Olds Do It Better” series.  They all eventually end up in the trash.

But I’ve been stalking Don P and his Kid Robot Dunny’s for some time and his dope sense of grime style tickles my brain and soothes my resentments at being artistically stunted. I guess those who can’t do… buy.

– Jimi Jam

His work is always fucking shit up over at Kid Robot

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