Down With Stone Boobs

Chris Elzinga And The Prudism Movement
Death by Party | Artist Chris Elzinga And The Prudism Movement


It surrounds us, envelops us, suffocates us… like dutch oven fueled by gassy emissions of a too-familiar-lover we have grown tiresome of. You know the one.

In this sin-soaked society, is it even possible to dream of being free of it’s slimey embrace?

Visionary artist Chris Elzinga thinks so.

Whether it’s Georgia O’Keefe and her Godforsaken lady genital flowers or Andy Warhol and his paintings that are hung like soup cans, the art world is littered with enough filth to make Lucifer himself blush.

To counter this infernal wasteland, I’ve created a new movement: Prudism. The overriding principle of this fledgling movement involves the removal of exposed private parts by way of painted pixel. The result is a profoundly untarnished aesthetic – one that renews our collective innocence and returns the naked form to its rightful realm: shame.

The patron saint of this movement is former Attorney General John Ashcroft, a God-fearing man of righteous indignation who had the courage and conviction to demand that the naked Greek statue in the Justice Department be covered for sake of its crass indecency, namely stone boobs.

It is in this spirit that I wish to raise a brush and take our country back – back to a more prudent time: the dark ages.

Thank god for the dreamers.

Show your support by checking out Chris and his other works, sharing his vision and buying his shit.

-Jack Limb

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