Bogden Rata? Mmm…Taste The Zesty Bullshit

Bogden Rata

Death by Party | You got exactly one minute to get me a phone,  a dessert, and a train outta my head

“Its like a fuckin’ yogurt dog. You know what I mean? Like a…I don’t know. A Greek yogurt or something. I don’t fucking know?”
-Abraham Lincoln (when asked what he thought of Bogden Rata’s artwork)

Like old wood forest himself, I see a yogurt when I look at these pieces. Fruit on the bottom or top? Decide for yourself. Its like human yogurt, whipped till smooth, then fisted till lumpy as all hell. Big…Lumpy…yogurty…human…with no bones y’all. There’s art, then there’s sex. The question from all this becomes: “can you fuck a yogurt?”. The answer is yes. I mean, its obvious. These yogurts have been fucked, then hung on a wall, then bought for like a trillion goddamn dollars, while the rest of us fools die in the streets like dogs balls. Yeah, so go ahead yogurt maker, sell that shit and buy a fuckin’ Ferrari you prick. I don’t need fun, go a-fuckin’-head and sell that Yoplait you wierd-named grundlesnack.

When someone like Lincoln calls you out, and you don’t answer, lights out on you. I don’t give a shit if he’s been dead sixty years or whatever. You gotta answer the call. Its like, if a chick made entirely of tits, whose milk is sweeter than Alpine rain, comes at you in you’re sleep; are you NOT gonna raise the flag and bone down on that greasy spoon? So its less to ask, if the man who freed the orcs from LOTR (with that big hat) comes at you with quest-like accusations, what kind of wall-hangins are you gonna raise up?

Anyway, I see lots of dicks in this business. They are hanging like a pendulous confused mouse from a cats mouth. It makes me want to spit out some Haiku:

Where is all the soap.
I’d clean my mess, but I’m tired.
Who ate my fuckin’ chinese.

Lincoln, man…It’s gonna make me cry. Who the fuck is responsible for giving him such a hatred of yogurt.

Such is queef.
-Uncle Wheattoast

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  1. juanito says:

    You are fucking insane.

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