Less Artsy, More Fartsy

Less Artsy, More Fartsy

Death by Party | Zoë Williams: I am rendered speechless, and that makes me uncomfortable

I’m speechless.  Speechless & a little uncomfortable.  I’m uncomfortable because I’m not sure I’ve ever been speechless before and that weirds me out a little. . .   Perhaps I should start at the beginning.  OK, so yesterday Uncle Wheat Toast informed me that I would be reviewing the work of Zoë Williams.  I said, “Wow- thanks for the notice.  What am I, the resident art critic now?”  Yes, I was snarky & yes I was sarcastic.  But seriously- my former catchphrase was “Less Artsy, More Fartsy.”  I mean, why can’t I just educate everyone on the amazing phenomenon that is the German Sparkle Party?  (More to follow, I promise- you simply must know about this.) However, I reeled it in & thanked him for recognizing my brilliance and grace under pressure and proceeded on.

Then I checked out her portfolio.  I was disgusted beyond belief.  I had that feeling you get when you discover anal seepage after the onset of a hemorrhoid flare up.  However, I couldn’t stop staring- and even though I know you can’t love everything, I also decided to delve in a little deeper- just to be sure.  I stopped being grossed out.  I started being amazed.  This woman goes so far beyond the arts & craft, I work with felt, smug ass, I’m an etsy artist crowd.  So now, I’m looking at that crazy big “Gold Rhino” and I kind of want it.  I am rendered speechless, and that makes me uncomfortable.  I kind of like it.

C U Next Tuesday,
-Helen Harper



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