Don’t Huff Glue (Smoke Weed)

Swellco & Swellco Says don’t huff glue, smoke weed

Death by Party | Synthetics kill, go god, go green

There has been a huge amount of pressure for us to begin engaging the community again and we have decided to heed the call. We have chosen to address two really important issues at once. Our nations inhalants epidemic has reached staggering proportions, especially amongst the elderly while the spiritual values that was once our countries foundation has eroded away.

We are going to provide a night of love, laughter, education and caring to get the word out that God (and or weed)* can get you just as high as inhalants. It’s safer, cleaner and better for you. A relationship with God (and or weed) will heal your troubles on Earth and get you through the gates of heaven.

Since we haven’t moved our offices yet, we decided to throw this Community Outreach in the city we were launched in, the city of brotherly love. This will be the first of several East Coast Shows including a party in NYC in March and one in Baltimore in May.

Don’t Huff Glue, Get High on God (and or weed)
Febuary 11th
9:00 Pm
PhilaMOCA: The Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art
The Jawns Band presenting their Drug Jawn Live Disco Dance Party
The Huffing Glue Dancers
and hosted by Needles Jones
more performers and details will be provided soon.

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*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drug use and all references are purely fictional for entertainment purposes.

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