Don’t Huff Glue: A Night of Learning, Love And Laughter

Don’t Huff Glue, Smoke Weed

Death by Party | Yes, it’s a cheap high, but it’s a high that makes you look cheap

Times are tough, no one is denying that. The banks have screwed us, the corporations have bought off the politicians and the jobs have all been shipped away so the CEO’s can help themselves to another bonus. The country is bankrupt, our civil rights are being stripped away in the name of a war that never ends and all that’s on tonight is Real House Wives of New Jersey.

People are looking for escape in the worst places. The practice of huffing glue and other inhalants is reaching a fever pitched national epidemic not seen since Crack, Meth or Bukkake. This trend has gripped a whole generation of young people and our educational system reflects it. Huffing doesn’t discriminate by race, religion or sex. Huffing is a plague that has taken hold of peoples lives everywhere, whether it’s in the city, in the suburbs, in bumble fuck hickville or on the open sea, huffing is real, and it’s probably happening in your household right now.

We are hosting a fun night of learning, love and laughter in Philadelphia, Pa in order to get the word out that there are more glamorous alternatives to glue or paint in a dirty sock.
Get high on God*,
get high on Weed,
get high on Porn,
get high on Four Loco,
get high on more Weed,
get high on Quilting,
get high on Group Sex,
get high on Witchcraft
get high on even more Weed,
and most importantly, get high on Weed.

Join Needles Jones & The Jawn Band for the
Drug Jawn Disco Dance Party Anti-Huffing Educational Outreach
Febuary 11th
9:00 Pm
PhilaMOCA: The Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art
531 North 12th St.
Philadelphia, PA
Featuring Performances by the Jawn Band, Needles Jones, The Huffing Glue Dancers, Louise LaTease, Keycifer Black and many more whose names we don’t know yet.

Stand up to Huffing and say, “that’s kinda fucked up.”

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*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drug use and all references are purely fictional for entertainment purposes.

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