Trouble With Tubes

The Three Faces Of Tube Monster By VISEone

Death by Party | The Three Faces Of Tube Monster By VISEone

I used to live in Sweden for a time. The one thing that I noticed there was absolute obsession with “tube” cheese. They had this mild creamy Swede cheese flavored with every fucking flavor imaginable. Crab tubes, roast beef tubes, strawberry tubes, salmon tubes, horseradish tubes.

They also have 3 hour days during the winter. I began loosing my mind and found myself squeezing out the tube cheese obsessively. I would stare at the tube cheese turds for hours. I saw things in them.

Being that these dope Tube Monsters by VISEone are not his first foray into “tube themed toys,” I think he may have had a similar experience.

-Baron von Crumpstink

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