My Mind Is Dick-Firm On It’s Perfection-Need!

Shabazz Palaces

Death by Party | Shabazz Palaces:  We all have a right to speak to the manager about disinterest in bullshit

You little fellows and ladies know the feeling of want. I aint talkin’ about the need for proximity, y’know, “fuckneed”. Im not even talkin’ about hunger or “dropage”-alarm. Im speaking about the simple want for something to be reeeeeeaaaaallll good. There are many moments, many days of the want, that I sweat in desperate need for all in my cloud-vision to exceed my expectations. The problem with this inconvenient interest is the angling effect of wrongness. Im wrong to want. This is not easy to say, as I am not fallable like the pee-pods floating the shitty streams of every non vacant street in the rotten city. NO! Its not easy to know, being a salt-pillar of solidarity, that you are wrong. But here goes…prepare for the lunacy.

 During a rather fueled workout, the window opened showering me with a clothed case. Within i was a disc replete with gloriously visual casing. Black on black, and within, a colorful melange. It was like finding a strong-smelling fleshy vagina under clothing that promised nothing so tangy. The name displayed: Shabazz Palaces. Being the movie fan I am, I thought “what a wonderful title”,  this dvd seems rather interesting. But I was in no rush to examine it further. Im in no need of further entertainment. I have a mirror, the dirty floor, and a brain full of exuberance…What glory. Anyway, I waited for my nephews to return from their exploits, so that I may get to know this plastic frisbee better.

 After a few hours they were able to set up the Dvd player and television (more like a black piece of paper with a chord. Did these idiot pricks ever hear of tube t.v.?) and engage the entertainment. I did not know what to expect: was it Science fiction, horror, romance? I was ready for whatever product hollywood could bring, but there was something more. You see, I wanted to like it. I wanted this movie product to be good. I had a run of business success like a gold-slick rush through a pussy factory. I KNOW what kind of bullshit their makin’ everywhere these days. I didn’t change careers for no goddamn reason, assholes! I have a mind for quality, and If I was gonna take the time to watch this movie, it better damn-well make me feeeeeeel somethin. One of the kids put the disk in/ hit buttons/ took it out/ put it back in. The sonovabitch wouldn’t even play. One of the other kids tried a few other dv-disks, and no problems there. We even managed to watch all seven of the other movies. Still though, that disc someone dropped through the window wouldn’t play a goddamn second of whatever Snaaaazzy houses, or whatever movie it was called. Frankly, I was right from the get-go: “Sounds like a buncha bullshit”.

 Anyway, turns out the sound from the movie could be played on a compact disc player. One of my nephews friends said it was pretty good.

 Listen to the fuzzy air, kiddies.

-Uncle Awkward

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