Puss Bainbridge The Video Hoe

Which of these Bob Wayne babes is your Puss?

Death by Party | Bob Wayne: Spot Puss Bainbridge in these Bob Wayne videos!

Every girl wants to be in a music video.  To be the sexy jawn that The Jawn Band is discoing for permeates the girly sex dream psychology.  Each Video Ho represents the pinnacle of the music’s representation.  The most beautiful women in the world have had a rock star spotlight shined right on their perfect bodies.

I get offers to star in music videos of all genres, from ass throbbing Rap to weed scented Doom Metal, every day.

When Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies came to me, drunk off of moonshine & constant touring, I knew I would allow my image to follow their crazy Hellbilly asses anywhere. So watch “Road Bound” & “Driven By Demons” & take a guess.  Am I:

A.  One of the Saloon Gals, cute boots, butts & ruffles, dirty eyes & dreamy thighs?

B.  Limosine Slut Groopie, slugging whiskey, along for the ride?

C.  Cut Off Shorts Sweetie, doing a little line dance in dreamland?

D.  Tiny Satan Lady of Duplicitous Insanity, driving the limo to hell?

E.  Talented, tight jeans, quick fingered, blue eyed Fiddler Babe?

F.  All of the above.

To everyone who is high on god and or weed & has no idea what I’m talking about:  Just pick F; it’s always the right answer.

To find out about Bob Wayne’s summer European tour, & therefore where I will be, go to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BobWayneOfficial

-Puss Bainbridge

I slipped out on your daughter like I slipped out of your noose.

Demons Tell Me Where To Go

Courtney Cox gives little boys hope that they too can be video ho’s.

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