Ohhhh, Pink Like Soft Candy

Ayano Sudo glam Photographer

Death by Party | Ayano Sudo Asian Glam Photo Series


I am not an artist & I’ve never claimed to be, which is more than I can say for so many.  These days anyone with a trust fund, an easel & a PR Rep is considered brilliant- sadly.  Call me old fashioned, but I genuinely long for the “good ole days” when artists expressed blissful joy, painful self loathing or at the very least a pathetic drug addiction and a story about turning tricks for paint.   However- there is that one in a million that is just born with a gift.  Ayano Sudo is such.  He’s an artist not necessarily because he makes beautiful things- but because his perception of reality is so warped that we either consider him an artist or commit him to an institution against his will.

In his series “that’s cause that guy isn’t human but some kind of godish Japanese hottie from another world #02” there’s definitely a glow-ey, kind of manga quality to the subjects- for this Avano says he used his inner lens “sparkling” filter.  I personally think it’s from a lack of oxygen to the brain, or maybe standing up too fast…..I used to know a lady who claimed to see angels hovering around people’s heads, but I digress- anyway- I’m certain his creative usage of sequins & glitter help to facilitate the illusion.  I love the black velvet painting quality (but without the black velvet- if that makes sense.)

Anyway- not only was it hot in a creepy “I’m not sure if you’re a boy or a girl over the age of 18” kind of way- but inspiring- so Ayano Sudo here is my ode to you.  A haiku titled “Candy Porn”

Pink like soft candy
Skin smooth as alabaster
Secrets behind eyes

C. U. Next Tuesday,

-Helen Harper

Oh, and be sure to check out his site

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