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Death by Party | Arizona Muse & Freja Beha Erichsen Skate Decks

I started doing a series of posts a while back entitled, Shit You Can’t Buy on the internet. I had really begun to wonder about some of the stuff & cool gadgets that you see floating the web as fodder time waster blogs. It occurred to me that there was something fishy about a lot of “cool viral merchandise.” Take for example these amazing skate decks from Swedish deck & street wear designers Doodah. They were the first products that piqued my interest, but for what ever reason they are going to be my third post on the matter.

I came across them on High Snobriety. They were written up with the standard 5 sentence press release rehash. It talked about how super models Arizona Muse & Freja Beha Erichsen and several other super models had posed for the new series which had just been released. There was a small set of photos, including one showing the two hotties in the foreground and a row of other super model decks in the background.

I wanted to see more. But there were no more. These are only photos anywhere on the web. The same images re-blogged over and over. Not a single reseller exists, not a single buyer posted and bragged about owning one of these dope decks.

I wrote Doodah asking where I buy the other decks featured in the back ground. I was informed that they had sold out of all THE OTHER GIRLS, but still had a couple of Erichsen & Muse. I replied that I would like to at least see more photos of the other decks. They sent me the photo from High Snobriety. I wrote back and asked them where I could buy the Erichsen & Muse decks. They replied that I had to fly to Sweden and visit one of their stores. I asked which store currently carried the Erichsen & Muse decks… they never wrote back.

The jig is up. Shame on Doodah and shame on High Snobriety for giving me a consumer hard on and then not putting out.
Check out there site and try and buy one

-Marcus Aubrey

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