This Pornstar-Prostitute-Ph.D Is Going To Save The World

Annie Sprinkles’ huge titties save the world

Death by Party | Annie Sprinkle 

Don't Huff Glue

If I could be anyone, besides Uncle Wheat Toast, it would be today’s birthday girl Annie Sprinkle.  I know I’m forcing the issue because today’s not even her birthday, but I’m blowing out her birthday candles & making a changing places wish; Annie Sprinkle is altruistic, intelligent, bat shit crazy, curvy & very into giving h.j.’s. I only hope that someday I can look back & be as proud of my life as Annie Sprinkle must be today.

Annie Sprinkle is married to a woman AND she is married to the moon.  Two wives! I don’t know anyone with two wives, let anyone who’s having a threesome with a celestial satellite.

Annie Sprinkle was a prostitute for over 20 years, fucked thousands of hippies, rockers, 80’s chicks & the entire pornography industry, & she doesn’t have AIDS!

Annie Sprinkle can have a screaming orgasm at any moment by just breathing properly & wearing lots of gold/laying in a flower garden/gyrating in a burning room.

Though she spent a majority of her life banging dudes for money, Annie Sprinkle put the dick down long enough to earn a (non-accredited) Ph.D in human sexuality & invent Sexecology, which allowed her to marry the moon.

Annie Sprinkle’s vagina & huge titties are going to save the planet because her throbbing orgasms are going to drip a big dollop of caulk-like, middle aged lady jizz on the ozone layer, her vagina is going to suck up all the oil spills & she will re-use it as lube & her giant tits are going to feed the sexually starved people of the world.

Go get ’em, birthday girl!

-Puss Bainbridge

To buy a pair of Annie Sprinkles used panties dipped in bronze: (asm)

Ecosexuality is hot.

Annie Sprinkles’ Soft Cock Manifesto

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