There Will Be Hell To Pay

The Super Armored Fighting Suit S.A.F.S. Snowman from Kow Yokoyama at Medicom Toy

Death by Party | Why I Will  Get Super Armored Fighting Suit S.A.F.S. Snowman For Christmas

I have informed my dearest, sweetest, most loving boyfriend that I WANT the Super Armored Fighting Suit (S.A.F.S.) designed by Kow Yokoyama and produced by Tokyo Toy giant Medicom Toy. I would prefer the Snowman Winter Warfare version, but I’m not a picky girl. The original will do. With it’s hand painted detail, dozens of points of articulation and multiple working lights, it’s a steal at $1,699.00.  It would make a great stocking stuffer along with the Tiffany’s trinkets and Channel perfume selection I asked for. Happy Christmas to me, right? Wrong.

His broke ass says he can’t afford the S.A.F.S. His broke ass says he needs to save money to record a new Demo and he can’t afford to spend $1699.00 on a toy when he works at a coffee shop.

I explained to him that this is America and it’s time for him to show his love like all good americans do, through cold, hard, spending. I explained that he couldn’t afford not to when his mangy cat Mr. Tinklemouth might get stuck in the toilet. How expensive would it be if his beloved record collection got peed on and then dried out in the oven? I bet it would cost a lot to replace every piece of clothing he owns after they all catch fire on his couch. I bet it would be hard to work in a coffee shop if your ears were cut off and all your teeth were pulled out and everything you owned was gone because your girlfriend let the crack heads down the block come in and take anything they wanted because SHE was feeling the Christmas spirit and wanted to GIVE. GIVE as in GIVE your girlfriend the S.A.F.S  hand painted highly articulated limited edition Snow Man Variant by Toy Yokyama.

Happy dead Jesus Birthday mother fucker, now give up the fucking toys….

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-Maryanne Faithless

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