The Google Ghost Nightmare Of Matt Brown

Toronto Illustrator Matt Brown

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This could almost fall into James “Jimi Jam” Jarvis’ series of “shit you can’t really buy on the internet posts. Matt Brown seems to be a ghost inside of Google. I stumbled across him on a trippy art site. That site referenced  another trippy art site, that referenced another. After about five sites, I suddenly found myself back at the first one. A god damned circle of trick doors had been completed.

I started a new Google search. Guess what I found? More trippy art blogs. None of them had any real information about the man. Finally I came across one blog that said he was from Toronto. So I did MORE Google searches. I found NOTHING substantive about him which is strange to me because, from what I can tell from his work, the dude has plenty to say. At least on the subconscious level.

Being born Robert Brown has lent me special familiarity with the urban camouflage that the name brings, and a familiar sense of being effectively invisible to Google. However, I would like to believe that Matt Brown’s work is a spontaneous creation of the web itself. A warped mutation spawned from the search engine ooze much like the Precambrian settings many of his illustrations portray. These images came from somewhere, yet from nowhere. They are in front of you and there is no discernible source. They simply do not exist.

I finally found a gallery in Toronto called the Cutts Gallery that represents him. Or at least claims to. I though about contacting them for more information, but thought better of it. Like the Hell Raiser box, I think these prints represent a mysterious spooky kind of mojo that I will not mess with.

If you want to press your luck, you could probably track him down through the Cutts Gallery.

By Robert Brown

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