Happy Holiday’s (Creepy Santa Collection)

Death by Party | Praise the lord

I was told that as a new writer  it was my “Chore” to write about Christmas today. Christmas is AWESOME, it’s the day our lord was born into this world to deliver us into salvation. What’s NOT to love about that? This is a great day for family and loved ones to gather around and remind each other to be humble. Be very, very humble.

I’m here at my Family’s house. The parents are getting along which is nice. Mother is drunk and it’s only noon. Ha, ha, that’s nice too I guess. I’m staying out of there way because tensions can get a little high around here and well I don’t want to cause any trouble.

I dropped a  bowl of jello on the floor and things got a little ugly. I’m pretty clumsy some times. Clumsy and stupid I’m told. Oh the holidays…

-Gene Hollyweather

Photos courtesy of http://mycreepysanta.com

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