The Final Truth About Lana Del Rey

Death by Party |  Meet the new face of terror

Everyone’s talking about the Lana Del Rey “controversy.” Is she a poser? (Not really) Is she still “indie authentic” after changing her name and putting flower in her hair? (Groan) Is she involved in human trafficking? (Maybe) Is she dating a member of the Oakland Raiders? (No. And where the hell did that one come from?)

But I believe the biggest controversy/rumor started right here, is that it is all together possible that Lana Del Ray may be associated with violent Mexican drug cartels; in that no one has proved or claimed that she is NOT associated with violent Mexican drug cartels. In fact we  can not find a single reference or connection to Lana Del Rey and ANY South American drug lords at all. But is it that she isn’t involved in large scale drug dealing and capital murder for hire or is it that she is just super tricky and careful?

Jeffery Dalmer was able to collect dozen’s of corpses completely undetected and that dude was CRAZY. How much damage could Lana Del Rey do if she put her mind to it? It makes you really want to stop and wonder if anyone is safe.

And what’s up with this Lizzy Grant bitch? I mean, I’m just saying…

-Annette Garcia

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