Naked Robitussin Fueled Blue Velvet Blacked Out Memories

Death by Party | Dirty Beaches– You receive a love letter from me, you’re fucked forever

I was hanging at a girl’s house that I had picked up at a show the other night. I was quietly minding my own business as I focused on the business of trying to get her out of her panties. She decided to put on some mood music. I was into the idea, assuming she would throw down some Mayhem or Rick Ross but instead she puts on some fucking Dirty Beaches.

Now you may be asking yourself, why would this be a problem? The low fi surrealist crooning of uber suave Alex Zhang Hungtai jolted my mind back three years ago to the first and only time I saw the movie Blue Velvet.

I passed out at a friends party after imbibing huge amounts of Robitussin* and Peach Schnapps. I woke up at three in the morning at their hippy neighbors house still high as a kite. I was naked with a towel around me and an old hippy dude was feeding me Spaghettio’s with a big serving spoon. The room was spinning and my stomach was upset so I went along with this strange nursing ritual I found myself in. Spaghettio’s are good.

Blue Velvet had just started and I watched the whole thing.   Have you ever watched that movie? Seriously?  Have you? Now imagine watching it high as a kite and naked, covered in Spaghettio sauce while next to a silence  old hippy dude you don’t know. I never found my cloths and had to take a cab home with a towel wrapped around my waist.

Ironically, I was so freaked out by the memories that Dirty Beaches brought back that I ran out of her house and almost forgot my cloths.

If you feel like bringing back some terrifying memories, be sure to Check out the Dirty Beaches site.

-Marcus Aubrey

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drug use and all references are purely fictional for entertainment purposes.

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