Smells Like Teen Ennui

UK artist and illustrator David Haines

Death by Party | David Haines Shoe Fetish Series

I’ve been told by management that it’s ok for some of us to present diverging options on the company’s official stances on occasion and I think I am going to bring up something that’s been going on that really bothers me.

All this anti glue huffing talk around the S&S office has me down. Word is that we are about to launch a big anti huffing glue community service campaign. Remember back in the day when doctors though it was actually good for you do huff airplane glue once in a while to aid digestion? Probably not because you’re too young. Back in the 13th century airplane glue was also used for clearing acne, increasing one’s appetite for gay sex and of course, putting together models of airplanes, which back then they called “commuter dragons.”

I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with smelling things. I myself have been known to huff, sniff and smell all sorts of stuff. Flowers, baby diapers, burnt matches, Jello, airplane glue, shoes, pussy, horseradish, sweet stinky weed and of course more airplane glue.* Just because it’s become unfashionable and un-P.C. to do it doesn’t mean it’s all bad.

I stumbled across Uk Illustrator and huffing fetishist David Haines yesterday and I feel like I found a kindred spirit. Haines’ creates beautifully illustrated portraits of young sexy London gangstas huffing on sneaks and sticking flowers in their butts.  His work harkens back to a gentler time before “track suits”, “sniffing chemicals” and “aggravated assault” became such horrible phrases.

-Dave Tuaca

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drug use and all references are purely fictional for entertainment purposes.

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