And I Even Tried The Walmart Gun Department Too…

Gold Engraved and Diamond Encrusted Mexican Cartel Guns

Death by Party | More Shit You Can’t Buy On The Internet- Jewel Encrushed Pistols

So I wanted to do another “shit you can’t buy” post for another set of images that float around the web but whose origin is deeply distorted. The gold and diamond encrusted guns. These mother fuckers are are on just about every tumblr and personal bloodspot page on the web with no real knowledge of their origins.  Search more and you find them in Urban Street ware, Gadget Bullshit & Time Waster Dumps which generally present them as something new and crazy you can buy. But if you try to actually fine out WHERE they are sold, or who makes them- nothing.

The original source was from a single story about a Mexican Cartel stronghold that was raided and the extremely expensive and Vato customized gats were seized. Some images floating around are from Saddam Hussein’s palace too. Often the images are mixed and matched and presented as if a single bling bling gun maker designed them.

I scoured the web for an actual gun vendor or jeweler who sold them or advertised specializing in them. Nothing. I called gun shops and jewelers and only one shady shop in Queens said he could do it, but he wanted me to provide the bag full of diamonds. Yeah. He wanted me to meet him in Queens with a bag full of diamonds and a shit ton of cash so he could show me his guns…

I guess I need a hook up with the Mexican Cartel. Anyone have any numbers? Hit me up.

-Marcus Aubrey

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