Sasha Grey Vs Education

Sasha Grey Condemed for Reading to School Children

Death by Party | Quitting your job doesn’t set an example

It’s all over the web right now that Sasha Grey was reading to Compton 1st graders. Everyone is pissed at the ex powerhouse porn star turned out of work actress and indie photographer dream model for being near kids. Will some one please think of the children?

I am generally very pro porn star in that I regularly masturbate to them. But for once I’ve got to stand with the priests, football coaches and Jesus on this one, I think clearly, Sasha Grey, the girl who pioneered double anal ATM has finally stepped over the line.

The fact is, there is just no room for reading any more. Books are expensive, unnecessary and designed to make you feel stupid with pages and pages of words that don’t mean anything if you set them on fire and throw them at cars from a pedestrian overpass. What was Sasha Grey trying to prove by reading? Was she trying to make those children feel stupid? Was she like “look at me, I’m a hot chick with no gag reflex who knows things, blah blah blah and smart stuff.” Probably, and thats not setting an example for anyone doomed to prison or Walmart.

I feel like Sasha Grey is no role model, she QUIT doing porn. Orally servicing “job creators” is one of the only industries Americans have left. If Sasha Grey wants to make a difference, she needs to stand tall by getting back on her knees and show our youth what they have to look forward too.

Lets try and remember her when she wasn’t rubbing her literacy in our faces. 

-Uncle Wheat Toast

Sasha Grey Condemed for Reading to School Children


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