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St!zo custom Ninja Scroll Nike Dunks

Death by Party | Stizo’s Ninja Scroll Dunks

Most blogs are in the business of what I call, “gadget bullshit.”  They get a hold of a nifty looking gadget or thing of some sort. Post one, maybe two pics and say “so and so has come out with this new thing. Isn’t this neat?” Then that post gets re-blogged and maybe changed just a little. After a couple of weeks the same photo has been circulated a dozen times and like a rumor mill, the facts are slowly distorted.

Usually my response (and I think most people’s) is that I probably couldn’t afford it anyway and I move on. But recently I started to try and track down some of these ultra wicked products to see why I can only find one or two photos of shit that’s so cool. The results are irritating and I think I’m going to start a whole series on this called Shit You Can’t Buy.

Case in point. I stumbled across these epic Ninja Scroll Nike Dunks. One side is the Devil Tessai getting his head cleaved in, just like in the movie, but with the Nike logo. Fuck me. The other side is Jubei holding said bloody Nike sword after having done the deed. Best footwear ever. The blog title is Nike Releases New Ninja Scroll Dunk. I though “wow, I gotta find out more on these” so I Googled it and got 15 more blogs all saying the same thing with the same photo. Finally I tracked it back to the original blog on simplysneakers.com and find out they are a single pair of  hand painted customs. The winning result of  a custom competition done by super dope artist, DJ St!zo.

I’m kinda pissed at how lazy most bloggers are. But then again, this is Swellco & Swellco, where reality goes to die.

Check out St!zo’s site for more customs and if you haven’t seen the masterpiece that is Ninja Scroll, then do.

-Marcus Aubrey

St!zo custom Ninja Scroll Nike Dunks


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