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Nude Model Lynn Pops!

Death by Party | The dissension continues

Ever since we received load of angry emails all at once a couple of weeks back, the flood gates of dissension have been opened inside this project. As many of you know, Swellco & Swellco had some pretty big plans lined up and it seemed like we were cooking with gasoline. We rolled off of the epic WRATH parties with promises of regular Video Circus episodes, a full lineup of brides photo shoots and more epic mayhem. Then everything just froze…

No one is saying what is going on, but it’s clear something is. There is a lot of speculation, a little bit of rumor and a whole lot of silence by the people who could answer questions. Instead we get “just wait.”

The last Video Circus is still not up, I heard that the new photographer brought in was told to STOP doing shoots until further notice, the event listings are stop start and no one knows anything about this “Don’t Huff Glue” campaign.

So here I sit, looking at the list posted on the employee message board of models we plan on approaching to shoot. Lynn Pops! is on that list, her and about 6 girls from the west coast were added and no one knows how that should be possible. I’m not complaining. She has my attention with her pouty je ne sais quoi bleached awesomeness. We are supposed to put 12-16 photos per post but I doubled that today. Photos of Lynn Pops! are like fucking Pringles. Do I need to say the line?

When I signed on, I was promised clowns, naked girls and severe rock n’ roll in my life. Until that starts happening again I find myself  doing what we’ve been doing time and time again with the models, just like we have done time and time again with the stuff that’s supposed to go in the store-  writing about our wish list. Lynn Pops! baby, you’re on that list in a big way. Where the fuck is Jimmy Cricket when you need him?

Be sure to visit her site

-Kevin Dalton

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  1. swagtrooper22 says:

    I want to take her to the prom.

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