Kurt Vile, Bank Of America And Huffing Glue

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As we’ve been documenting for the last few weeks, the internal strangeness of this company has been more intense than what you generally see on the site. Here is case in point. This morning I also received a “mission.”

The email said. “You like Kurt Vile. He’s going on tour. Go to show and write.  Bank of America. Mention Glue.

Now here is where it gets confusing.

1. Kurt Vile played in Philly TWO DAYS AGO.

2. I moved to New York six months ago.

3. His tour is in Australia and starts in December.

I do in fact like Kurt Vile, but as far as I know, that’s an outside guess.  I think mentioning glue is a reference to a new campaign or live event that no one knows anything about.  It sounds like the anti-bestiality campaign, in that it’s really a no brainer so of course I will stand behind it. Here we go. Hey kids, don’t huff glue it eats your brain, get high on God (and or weed) instead.

I do know about the Bank of America reference. Vile is catching an ever growing amount of shit for licensing one of his songs to evil incarnate, Bank of America. On one hand I agree that anything associated with those shit bags should be discouraged. on the other hand, his defense is “I’ve got bills to pay.” It’s a defense we all understand these days. God knows there really isn’t any money in music anymore. Honestly, Vile saying no to Bank of America is like a kid refusing dessert to punish the parents.  I’m sure they would survive.

Other than that, all I can really say about this “mission” is that regardless of Vile’s offense to OWS and damage to his indie cred, his music is a really fucking good. He plays dark, soul pricking, moody tunes that are perfect for a morose rainy day and my buddy Sam insists Vile stole his drink down at Johnny Brendas once.

Be sure to check out his site

– Jimi Jam

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