My Broken Heart Can Not Be Mended After The Loss Of My Little Melvins Man

UNKL Dunny Colaboration With Ipecac RecordsUNKL Dunny Colaboration With Ipecac Records

Death by Party | UNKL Dunny Collaboration With Ipecac Records

I haven’t submitted in a while because I’ve been dealing with some serious shit. My apartment got broken into last week. If you’ve ever had it happen to you, you know how much it can fuck with your head. If  you haven’t experienced it, pray you don’t. Here is where I get real fucked up over this. You know what they took after smashing in my door? My laptop, my change jar, my girlfriends bike and my rare Melvins UNKL dunny.  Seriously, it was right by my computer. That’s a pretty stylin’ thief.

The figure was part of a rare limited edition series of Ipecac Record recording artists. Others figures included Fantomas, Peeping Tom and Unsane. I believe she stole it from her ex when she was moving out and gave it to me before we started dating. Guess it was Karma.

While I don’t stand a chance in hell of replacing it, the incident drove me to rediscover the delights of the portland based vinyl toy stars UNKL. Bellow are some of my favs that I would buy if I was smart enough to have gotten renters insurance.

Check out their site for more.

– Jimi Jam

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