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Bobsmade custom painted headphones

Death by Party | Bobsmade Headphones

I love secrets.  The fact that I may know something no one else does makes me feel so good I smeyes at everyone I see.  So when I’m on the street- strutting to a little of the Dr. (Dre that is), you know I’m the baddest bitch on the planet, but nobody else does because I’m wearing some stunning Star Wars headphones.

I know, I know- we’ve really been pushing the Star Wars gear these days- what are we, reps for George Lucas or something?  Get over it- it was the best trilogy ever made so there’s a ton of crap out there emblazoned with a Stormtrooper helmet.  The fabulous thing about these is that each pair is it’s own little work of art- so if you don’t want to be as amazing as me, you can get the Penguin & Cupcake pair.  They also help out on those days when I listen to Phil Collins Greatest Hits over & over- because God knows I don’t want anyone knowing when I’m doing that- so so so UnGansta.

Anyway- I guess badass ear gear is no longer my secret to keep- in the words of JayZ, I’m on to the next one.

C U Next Tuesday,


Helen Harper

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