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Death by Party | Tonetta the Nightmare Superstar 2

Today we are going to actually post several of Swellco & Swellco’s very favorite underground video heavy hitters. We’ve been eyeing these talents since the inception of the subversive subliminal test site. From the truly twisted still MIA Shaye Saint John to the ultra dope Hennesy Youngman, S&S has been stalking only the very best.

Tonetta, or as we like to call him, the Nightmare Superstar is on the far spectrum of the weird factor, but hey this is Swellco & Swellco, and our Executive Director goes out to dinner with Needles Jones.

Love him, hate him or go to therapy because we just exposed you to him, you are absolutely going to have an opinion of Tonetta.

Check out his whole channel here.

– Jimi Jam

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