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Death by Party | Suckadelic’s Bootleg Breatbeats

My continuing lust affair with the Sucklord, evil master of Suckadelic. But I have a horrible sin I must confess. While I’ve been completely obsessed with his bootleg toy art, I never actually listened to any of his mixes.

These are some of the sickest syfy nerd beats I’ve ever heard. And believe it or not, I’ve heard a few. The Sucklord’s mixes bring me back to a really special time in my life filled with purses full of pop rocks, gummy braclets, cutting myself and grudge sex. When I get paid, I’m going to buy the classic Star Wars Break Beats, buy a case of whippets and have a pee party with at my new apartment.  If you’re smart, you will too.

-Felicia Jackson

Suckadelic Breat BeatsStar Wars Break Beats
Trails of a Jedi
One Smooth Character
The Imperial Remix

Suckadelic Breat BeatsSupervillians
Mean Ol’ Wizard
Cobra Stops the World
Gremlin Dust

Suckadelic Breat BeatsSauron Speaks
The White Rider
My Precious
History of the Ring

You can buy all of these mixtapes and his bootleg toy art at the Suckadelic site

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