Revolution Is Hot

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My dearest Anonymous,

Hows things with you dear?

I really hope this note makes you smile. I just wanted to say something to you. You are truly wonderful!

What human being would not appreciate your lovely mysterious black eyes which remind me of those cute black bears. No, I’m not calling you hairy or anything. I’m just saying your eyes look like those bears. I know they are hairy, but you are not.

I can’t wait to go out with to the local cafeteria again. This time, if you convince me enough, then I might let you buy me a coffee and entertain me! I promise to laugh at all your jokes and if you slip up, I won’t laugh at you. Even if you repeat the same stuff again and again, as usual, I will still politely giggle at your jokes.

You know I admire you a lot ….having said that I do love my TV which is great because you can watch shows on it. I once saw a show on it about a woman who got bitten by a moose and it made me laugh! Oh I almost wet myself, but that’s not important right now! (But if you ever see me drooling over it, then it is important, unless you get mad because I am not giving you any attention)

You know I’ve always loved your gorgeous mustache and I can’t wait to see you again so I can drool like an idiot over your smile and make a complete fool out of myself in public as always. I think its great how you just roll your eyes upwards whenever I do that, and politely smile at me. Oh how I do love those charming little habits of yours!

Anyhow my love, I must bring this letter to an end now. But I must tell you something. I’ve always wondered what you would look like in Leopard Skin underwear. I really think you would be the hottest thing on this planet in Leopard Skin underwear and you could easily overthrow any model out there! If you wear those for me, I promise to worship you and treat you like royalty (Just so long as you don’t make me clean your toenails with a toothbrush! I draw the line there).

I wish you the happiest times ahead!

Yours Truly,

-Marcus Aubrey



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