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The Art of R.E. Brown

Death by Party | The Art of Robert E. Brown

What is the point of managing an indie arts culture site if you can’t plug your own work? A lot of people, perhaps including myself, have forgotten where my roots lay. So recently I set out to redesign and relaunch the Sniveling Goat, my portfolio site.

Being born named Robert  Eric Brown has had it’s positives and negatives. The plus side is that it functions as modern urban camouflage, I am lost in a sea much the same way John Smith is. I’ve often been accused of using Robert Brown as a fake name. Once a freelance web client intentionally left the name of the check blank. Nudging and winking at me as he handed me the check. “You know so you can write in who you really are.” I’ve had bills sent to the wrong people and I’ve had parking tickets paid for me on accident.  The down side is that when you WANT to be found, the name becomes problematic. Google is not kind to the Robert Browns of the world.

In the 00s ridiculous screen/stage names were all the rage and I chose the Sniveling Goat as my nom de plume. I got it from a girl I fooled around with in College who once said, “you rarely see a Capricorn whine.” Seemed as good a name as any.

If you’ve never seen my media barrage prints, check them out. I’ve included four prints and their corresponding details bellow. They are made up of hundreds, in some cases thousands of images. The Mind is Meat Triptych has 28,000 images in it, and my Stimulation Snake project is 33 feet long with roughly 40,000 images in it. I’ll get to the other 67 feet as soon as Swellco & Swellco is finally, truly up and running.

You can see the rest my portfolio here

-R.E. Brown

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