I Was Into That Before It Was Even Thought Of

Death by Party | NMA Avengers Animation: Yeah, it’s cool, but it’s so 72 hours ago

So I stumbled across the latest NMA spoof of The Avengers movie trailer today. On one hand I don’t know why we haven’t featured anything on these guys until now. But I say that knowing that any time you write about trippy web shit, you always kinda lose.

Yesterday is case in point. Felicia wrote a post about a boyfriend who wanted her to dress up as a living doll, then lay limp as he fucked her. To go along with this post we added a ton of Japanese living doll cosplay photos. (examples of how Felicia used to dress)  We got two emails and a FB comment accusing us of being old hat because “well doesn’t EVERYONE already know Kigurumi Cosplay?”

Maybe, but not everyone incorporates Kigurumi Cosplay into their sex life.  While Felicia is kind of a damaged slut, she is twice as cool as these trolls that gave her shit. (They probably didn’t even read it) Other bloggers write about stuff  that we really do. It’s that simple. We don’t watch it, we live it.

So here I am wanting to present this awesome NMA spoof in all of it’s epic glory, knowing that at least half of you have already seen it posted on Gwaker, Boing Boing or your roommates Tumblr page. If that’s you, congratulations, you are hipper, cooler and gosh darn it the girls like you. For anyone else 20 hours behind the curve, watch it and then check out some of my other NMA favs bellow.

-Annette Garcia

If you need a scene reenacted, they do this for hire.

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