My Night Out With Earthride


Death by Party | Does this look like a 65 year old Asian man?

On Friday I was dispatched by Brown & Black to check out the doom metal band Earthride. On the way to the show, the most amazing thing happened. The guy who struck up a conversation with me on the train was THE SINGER of Earthride. What were the odds?  I was really surprised because he was a 5′ tall jittery black man in cut off shorts and a mesh shirt with a missing front tooth.

He informed me that the show had been moved to manhattan and invited me to a VIP pre-party. We met up with the rest of the band in the back of a nail shop in China town. The cultural makeup of Earthride is really different from other metal bands. It was comprised of the singer B-Right, two elderly asian men and another really old black gentleman. The guitar player, Pot Luck or something like that was a really friendly and offered me a margarita the second I walked in the door.

Just after we arrived, they found out the gig was canceled. But I didn’t mind, I hung out with the band, played Domino’s and drank margaritas with them. When I left, I had them all sign my tits, and traded some Aderall for their new CD entitled Zhang Liangying.

Next time you are hungry for some multi-cultural doom grind metal, check out Earthride. From the looks of them, they have to have been rocking it for at least 60 years.

-Felicia Jackson

Be sure to check out their site

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