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Artist Katsuyo Aoki

Death by Party | Katsuyo Aoki Porcelain Skulls

So I’ve been really obsessed with  the Taipai, Taiwan art scene for a while. It seems like every time I come across some dope art, it’s being shown in a gallery over there. I know, I know,  the stir fry is always spicier on the other side of the fence, or pond or what ever.

I stumbled across Japanese artist Katsuyo Aoki’s ceramic work at a Taipai gallery site a few months ago and just rediscovered the link. Like so many of the Asian artist websites, info on Aoki is spotty beyond resume credits and stilted artist statements. I don’t care what his mental process is, I want to know what kind of music he listens to and if he has a dog. I want to know if he is lactose intolerant or has problems with drinking. What’s his favorite sexual position? Has he ever gone scuba diving? (after all, his work looks like albino coral on acid) Has he ever done acid? Does he have a foot fetish? What do you think his stance is on toast? Does he huff glue, or does he get high on God and or weed?

I think I’m going to write him and ask him all of these questions right now and when he answers I’ll post them on this site along with pictures I’ve drawn of him like the one I did below. (I don’t really know what he looks like so I’m using my imagination.)

If he doesn’t answer, I’ll write him again and again and again and again. I’ll send a piece of skin with each and every letter so he knows I care.

Check out his site

-Felicia Jackson

Artist Katsuyo Aoki


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