I’m So Over Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Fuck Yeah Hipster ArielFuck Yeah Hipster ArielFuck Yeah Hipster ArielFuck Yeah Hipster Ariel

Death by Party | Hipsters don’t exist

Do you remember Hipster Ariel? Six months ago when I was into her, you probably hadn’t. Well I was in a doctors office today getting my uterus scraped again and I found a small article on Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel in TIME MAGAZINE. WTF??? That’s right, Hipster Ariel has gone mainstream. Hipster Ariel has FAILED.

And it’s just as well. I’m personally sick of everyone bashing hipsters. You know why? Because there is no such thing as a hipster. I will repeat incase you need it to sink in. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A HIPSTER. You know how I know? Because I have never once found a person who identifies as a hipster. Again I will say it, I can’t find anyone who claims to be a hipster. They just don’t exist. This guy is a mailman, that guy is a construction worker, that girl is a stripper, the one over there is a rapist. NO ONE is a hipster. They are as real as mermaids.

Bellow I’m including a photo I had taken on my Iphone of me dressed as Hipster Ariel. But I’m not going to in submit it to them now. What’s the fucking point? Check out the Fuck Yeah site one last time before it turns into a sitcom on CBS.

-Felicia Jackson

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