One Year Without The Squid

John Weir "Acid Squid" 1978-2010

Death by Party | Today we tip our 40 to you, you rotten son of a bitch

John Weir "Acid Squid" 1978-2010John Weir "Acid Squid" 1978-2010John Weir "Acid Squid" 1978-2010John Weir "Acid Squid" 1978-2010

John Weir "Acid Squid" 1978-2010

It was one year ago today that John’s girlfriend called me with the news. It was like a giant hammer hit me in the chest. Like super powered panicked words flung me across the room against my couch.  My very last communications with John were text messages about screen printers. It seemed so mundane.

When we started S&S, conceptually we really didn’t know what we were doing. I had just produced and pitched a reality show about forming and managing a sideshow troupe and it had been shelved. Sitting over beers with John, we realized that actually starting some sort of real (or unreal) troupe might be fun. Hence the Video Circus was born. For me, it was a desperate blind entrepreneurial puzzle, but for John, it was really about drunkenly running around in his underwear with lots of naked girls.

But he was poised to be the perfect partner. He could write, he was an amazing photographer, he was willing to do just about anything on camera and wanted to host the vodcast…

I take solace and joy  in knowing how irritated he would be with much of his memoriam attention. He was included in the Philadelphia City Papers Important Obituaries of 2010 as a founder of S&S, then there is the mural off of South St. that I often stand in front of and scream and rant to. Not to mention that we are going to continue to commemorate him in posts like this because regardless of the fact that he wanted to go, we will simply not let him die.

To this day I get people cornering me with sickly sweet posthumous edits of this anti-social malcontent.  I refuse to sully the truth, because the real Squid was more fun. I always tell people that when the spirits are finally sent for me to change my evil ways, John will be the one released from hell to torment me with his rattling chains. He is my Jacob Marley.

Bellow we included some photos of and by the Acid Squid and a couple of early “staff meeting” video.

-R.E. Brown

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