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Death by Party | White Mystery

I set out to check out White Mystery over at The Rock Shop last Friday. I haven’t been out to a show in months and it was really good to get out.

There has been an irritating surge in folk rock and jam bands in the last couple of years and it makes me violent. Like, lure a homeless kid to your house with the promise of selling him oxycontin and then choking him to death with a bicycle chain and hiding the corpse in an abandoned house in Queens after collecting all of his fingers, kinda violent. Getting out to see some honest to god guitar slamming Rock N’ Roll was really refreshing.

I was there to check out out White Mystery, but  first I gotta say the whole lineup was epic. Shark? made a real impression on me and Little Band of Sailors, well… that bitch is crazy.

But lets talk about White Mystery. On the surface, This Chicago band creates the urge to make comparisons. They are a brother and sister duo, one on guitar, one on drums. They play power house garage rock. The word White in their name. Sound familiar? Well you’re wrong. This real brother and sister duo get out there and rock their red headed cracker fro’s with their own winning sound. The only real comparison between these two and any other (pretend) brother and sister garage rock duo named White is that they are both really really good.

– Jimi Jam

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