Yes Please, Satan

Toxic Vision Clothing

Death by Party | Toxic Vision Clothing’s Heavy Metal Swim Suits

You ever find a site or store that was so good you didn’t want to share it? Something you wanted to keep all to yourself? When I came across Designer Sharon Toxic‘s Etsy shop Toxic Vision I almost wet myself.

I mean, come on… Heavy Metal body suits, featuring Slayer, Iron Maiden & Motorhead?
Satanic Latex dresses and high fashion cult robes? Yes, please.

If it was possible to be more metal, you would burst into flames and morph into a giant fucking Eddie circa the Powerslave album, bite Ozzy’s head off and then anally ravage ten groupies with the corpse of Ronnie James Dio all while fighting a dragon in the hills of Valhalla, while high on Tommy Lees stash that you stole from the devil.

This shit is so metal, that you don’t have to be metal to rock it. Simply by looking at it, you are made better.

When this company finally fucking PAYS ME, I’m going to buy that bitch out.

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-Felicia Jackson

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