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Burlesque Queen Tali De Mar

Death by Party | Burlesque Queen Tali De Mar: Now the entire staff wants subscriptions to Maxim Magazine En Espanol

It’s interesting to see how something will spark with readers. On Friday we had listed burlesque performer Tali De Mar’s scheduled performance at the Penthouse club in our event listings for Philadelphia, after we had gotten an angry email the day before by a Tali fan who was indgnant that we had neglected to list her Thursday performance. Honestly, the Penthouse Club has not on our radar. We’ve already caught shit for writing about the  “mainstream” strip club Delilah’s Den.

I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t know anything about Tali De Mar. Yes, it is possible from time to time for me to not be in the know. My response was “Yeah, yeah, burlesque dancer at strip club, ok.” I was out of town when all this was going down and had asked James (Jimi Jam) to publish the events.

Suddenly we were hit by a wave of fan mail about the top photo that James had picked. When I got back into town, I knew why. The picture is of Tali from a Maxim Magazine En Espanol photo spread. First I’ve got to say, I love the fact that Maxim publishes nude photo sets in other countries  but still won’t in the U.S. (pussies). Second, I have to agree, the photo in question is quite possibly one of the sexiest things I may have ever seen in my life.

Needless to say, I’ve familiarized myself with Tali. It would appear that she is poised to displace Dita Von Tease as the most sought after burlesque dancer in the country. She’s won a shit ton of burlesque competitions and done nude spreads for playboy and of course, maxim magazine.

-R.E. Brown

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