But Who Will Save Lupe Fuentes?

Lil Lupe Fuentes, International Fugitive

Death by Party | Not your typical International Fugitive

The web is such a great place for rumor and conjecture and the presence of “blog magazines”  has really helped destroy the quality of journalism and information. When we say “nothing is real” or “suspension of disbelief can be applied to all aspects of life” here at S&S, we really mean it. No one really knows what’s true and what isn’t anymore.

Back in April, Marcus wrote a post about a South American porn star named Lupe Fuentes who was being investigated for hosting photos of girls that were still in their teens. Marcus reported that she had been arrested in Colombia. His source? Tweets from both the former front man of Biohazard (her boyfriend) and from another young porn star Lupe regularly fucks.  I’m not bad mouthing Marcus’ investigative reporting, because, well, he’s not an investigative reporter. But it got me wondering about this story.

Lupe Fuentes is part of a niche market of “lolita” smut. Girls who look so much younger than they are, that one would wince at the legality of the images. Lupe her self is so good at it that last year a man in Florida was mistakenly arrested in an airport for kiddy porn. It took Lupe showing up in the court room with legal documents proving that she was actually 19 when the video was made.  She built a small empire on this “barely legal” scene using girls from her native Colombia. But obviously there is some risk using impoverished 3rd world girls under the prerequisite that they LOOK underage.

So I popped her into google to see what happened. Seems Marcus was wrong and Lupe was never picked up, or maybe she was released. Because last week a warrant was issued by Interpol. Specifically over a 16 year old  who was provided fake documents for a video. That’s right, the baby faced latina porn star is a fucking international fugitive.  Or is she? I got this info from a couple of Adult Industry rumor sites.

This really baffles me. It seems like a story tabloids would salivate over. Beautiful sex worker gets busted for sexually exploiting 3rd world teenage girls, goes on the lam and ignites international manhunt. Aaaaaaaand nothing.

I can only think of three options.
1. Porn stars are “Invisible Celebrities” All men, and a lot of women know exactly who all these girls are. But you will never, ever get them to admit it at a dinner party. While it’s obviously newsworthy, it’s possible that this shunning of them is simply that overt.
2. The wreckage that is our 4th estate is simply so incompetent that even the tabloids missed this one.
3. The whole thing is a sleazy hoax. If Lupe is appealing to borderline pedophiles, then spreading the rumor that some of her girls “might” actually be underage is only going to increase her stock. Just cause it ain’t in the paper, don’t mean word ain’t out on the street.

It’s not part of our mandate to investigate stuff, or function as real reporters. But sometimes I think we should.

-R.E. Brown

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