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As the staff of Swellco 2000 ache for the Swellco & Swellco International corporate office to finally give us the budget to start expanding our posts into more than couch potato blogging, we thought we had one of our occasional real content scoops. An anonymous email entitled RON ENGLISH SAVES DETROIT with these dope images of Ron English‘s new public sculptures and murals. I was like all “whoo” and “hoo” until I went to the popaganda site and realized that Ron had posted them in his blog. Yes, S&S once again brings you only the very finest in recycled blog material.

God knows Detroit needs saving, and Ron English gives up his art like Jesus in a bread line. If you aren’t familiar with Ron, check out the brief bio video bellow. His war on elite fine art classism has been waging for sometime and I’m convinced he may just save the art world as well.

After you check out the shit here, check out his site.

– Jimi Jam


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