The Return Of Nick Zedd

Nick Zedd & The Cinema of Transgression

Death by Party | Death cult auteur

Pop quiz time: What do the choices below have in common?

1) A ragged group of post-apocalyptic survivors communicating with dolphins while trying to destroy the world’s religions
2) A mad Doctor, a punk rock cowboy, and a vampiress named “Scumbelina,”
3) A group of fat Marxist warrior lapdancers struggling to overthrow corporate state capitalism

I’ll help you out. These are just three of the elements around which underground filmmaker, Nick Zedd, makes his movies. Nick is known as the “First Minister of Protocol” in the Cinema of Transgression – a film movement made up of a small crew of artists, such as Richard Kern, who utilize shock value and humor in their work; a series of very low-budget films using cheap 8mm cameras. His films have been seized by the Canadian Police and almost got him arrested at a screening in NYC’s Tompkins Square Park, where an audience of winos, beggars and general scumbags got so excited they performed a public circle jerk. His work inspired John “The Sultan of Sleaze” Waters to remark: “Nick Zedd makes violent, perverted art films from hell—he’s my kind of director.”

A longtime resident of NYC, Nick reportedly had been so disgusted by the infestation of hipsters in Brooklyn that he moved to Mexico City earlier this year; however, he’s returning for a short visit this weekend to exhibit a compilation of his shorts in a showing called “Program One: Police State Preserved and Other Works” at the Anthology Film Archives, which opens tonight at 7pm. If you’re in NYC, check it out… you might not get another chance.

-Mr. Blaek


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