Occupy Sesame Street

Dan Bellini's Occupy Wall Street Cartoon Characters

Death by Party | Dan Bellini’s  Occupy Sesame Street Series

Despite what appears to have been mainstream media attempt to ignore it, by now you’ve probably heard of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement originally proposed by Adbuster’s magazine and rallied by the infamous hacktivist swarm Anonymous.

And as the protest begins to spread city to city with Occupy Philadelphia, Occupy Austin, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Olympia, Occupy Los Angeles, ad infinitum… Artist Dan Bellini is helping to spread the viral indignation to the likes Springfield, Bedrock, Third Earth & Sesame Street with 40 icons of popular culture donning Guy Fawkes masks in solidarity with Anonymous.

Whether you agree with the sentiments or warmly embrace the corporate crypto-fascism our financial elite, you have to appreciate the effort to pump out so many pieces in what had to be a few days. Check them out below.

-Mr. Black

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