Live The Golden Life

Huck Gee’s The Golden Life Dunny Series

Death by Party | The Golden Life Dunny Set By Huck Gee

Pandas and ninjas and Geisha Oh My. There is something so fetishistic about dunnys. I don’t mean fetishistic like sniffing shoes or needing to cut yourself in order to get off. (Don’t judge me.) Fetishistic as in replication of perfection in form. Like a hiku, the structure of custom dunny’s are set, and the creation is dictated by the limitations of the form. Because of this, you see some pretty uninteresting, uninspired series.

Huck Gee’s new Golden Life is NOT one of those series. I see these dope samurai pandas and rhino ronins and my fetishistic hoarding instinct clicks in and I must have them. I must have them all. I must have them all right NOW. Daddy please I want allllllll of of them and I can’t wait. Please Daddy I will do anything you want. I promise to be a good girl. I promise to not be a bad any more. Daddy please don’t cut me and make my pussy wet…

Uh, yeah so, check out his site for more of this epic series.

-Annette Garcia


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