Why I Forgive Elizabeth Berkley

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Death by Party | Show Girls?  Elizabeth, it’s ok

I was browsing old posts and I stumbled across Eric Crowther’s semi-psychotic analysis of Black Swan and it’s comparison to Show Girls. (I don’t remember ANY ninjas in either. I want what he is on). It sparked my interest in Show Girls. I had never seen this “worst movie ever made” and I felt compelled to watch it. And you know what, it really was that bad. But in a really good sort of way.

And really, is it so horrible? Showgirls got an impressive 12% Rotten Tomatoes ranking. But the worst 100 ranked movies start at 7%. Battle Field Earth, Christmas with the Kranks, Corky Romano, Daddy Daycare, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Gigli, and Basic Instinct 2 are all notoriously bad movies that are on that list.

I missed the angry and repulsed headlines this film created, but I think time has been kind. The most embarrassing writing, acting and directing in film history has morphed into a really amazing comedy. Much in the same way that the utterly unfunny Saved By the Bell has transformed into total hilarity by the sheer weight of it’s 80’s camp.

The movie destroyed Elizabeth Berkley’s attempt to transition from child actor into movie star. You know what she’s doing now? Making really sappy “Girls Self Esteem” books and videos for preteens. It’s the entertainment equivalent of entering a convent. Like she is doing penitence for her gross fully nude lap dance scene.

If you’ve never seen Showgirls, do. If you saw it back in the day, watch it again.  You might be surprised by what you see this time. The chicks are hot, the dialog is lulz, and it has some really awesome special effects and fight scenes.

It’s okay Elizabeth, you’ve done your time, you’ve served your sentence for Showgirls. Can you please slip back into the g-string and make out with a hot girl again please?

-Annette Garcia

Worried that boy might not ask you to the dance? Ask Elizabeth. 

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