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Death/Traitors Clothing

Death by Party | Brooklyn’s Best: Death/Traitors Clothing

Do you ever question your own recollection of things? Last fall, I was on the train to a house party in Queens and a vagrant sitting next to me puked what smelled like Rumplemintz, pepperoni, and dog shit all over me and my dope Death/Traitors Jacket. That’s not the part I question. It was a very special moment in my life that will always be with me. In my frenzied disgust at being used as a street persons toilet bowl, I ripped the jacket off and threw it away.

Now it’s getting colder out here, I went to track down another Jacket. I swear that when I bought it that Death/Traitors was called Death to Traitors. But Death to Traitors is a rock blog. At first I assumed that there was a copyright dispute and the rock blog won. But from the looks of it Death to Traitors hasn’t posted anything new in 2 years and I bought my jacket last fall. Did my brain just add a “to” to their name?

I could write and ask, but as we have said before, the staff is refusing to “investigate” anything until we start getting paid. Until then I will continue to question my own memory.
“Were they always called Death/Traitors?’
“When did I get this tattoo of Stewie naked with a boner?”
“When did I do that bukkake video?”
The mind is a strange, strange thing.

-Annette Garcia

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  1. almondays says:

    Some of the best shit is coming out of Brooklyn right now.

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