The Body Bakery Of Kittiwat Unarrom

Body Bakery of Kittiwat Unarrom

Death by Party | A post as old as moldy bread, but twice as tasty

When yourresources are limited for a blog, and you find yourself relying on “the blog circuit,” a reporter writes a “stranger than fiction” piece… and then it gets passed around the web like a moldy piece of bread. Since our staff continues to be M.I.A., I went digging through the dust bin of our drafts section to see what was there. The start of this little diddy was sitting in Louise LaTease’s drafts with dust all over it. It was months old, and then I discovered it had made its way through the blog circuit back in 08′. Ancient by todays standards. So I had to contemplate whether or not to to publish this.

The answer was of course I should publish it; it’s fucking bread that looks like real people. When you eat the fucking bread, you look like a god damned cannibal. God knows it’s a subject I’ve contemplated before (the cannibalism, not the bread-eating). Kittiwat Unarrom is a sick Tai fine artist and master baker -get it? – that turned a store front into an interactive art gallery for his edible sculptures. This shit makes me seriously hungry. If you’ll forgive me, I need to go make a sandwich.

R.E. Brown

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